A Little Hope

I made my peace with the past. I made peace with every horrible situation I was in. With every person who used to be by my side.

I don’t feel angry anymore about what happened, what I’ve done, what I’ve said, what I didn’t. I will end up in the path I’m supposed to be in. If everything happened differently, then I would still in the right path. See, every road is the right one, every choice, leads to a different but right path. And in the end, we’ll be dead.

Every person I used to call friend will always be in my life as we share memories together. For some reason, we don’t talk anymore and that is fine by me now. We grow, we change, we discover, we learn.

I miss some times of my life, yes, and I wish some things didn’t have to happen to me, but we all miss and wish that. It’s life. I think the greatest realization is when, in at some point in life, we have to just “deal with it”- to know that bad things happen to all of us in life and no matter how bad you are dealing with the bad, you can survive it all.

You know why?

Because when you think you’re not strong enough, another night passes by and you survived the worst day of your life.

You survived 100% of your bad days. You can make it through.



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