Monthly Archives: May 2016

Tell Me Rain

Tell me rain,

Are you here to punish me?

Or are you here to wash away

The sins I’ve committed?

            Were you sent from below?

Were you sent from above?

            Have I been stricken by lightning

That paralyzed my brain?

            You are striking hard now,

Is that the answer I get?

            You don’t belong in May.

The Room Where You Used To Be Waiting For Me

I’m sick of lies we’ve been told,

that love is like the morning sun,

or a cold breeze in a warm day.

I unlock the room where you used to be

waiting for me with a million-dollar stare.

I can’t help but feeling mournful

when I wish to be hopeful

that one day we’ll be under the same stars

until wrinkles fill our faces.

Love is the wind in a cold day,

the sun covered by the clouds,

a distasteful sweetened tea,

when you’re not here to sweeten me.