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Keep Walking

Look at me now,

Wrecked, twisted and smashed.

Take a good look,

And while you kiss her pretty lips,

Choke on the promises

I was willing to keep.

But why is it always me climbing mountains,

Sweating, bleeding and falling,

While you always walk on flat surfaces?

Steady smart but dumb.

Take another look.

I got the attention and I got the pleasure

To forget your face,

And go to another place.



New Year, New Blog Name and Look?!

That’s right! Don’t be scared!

I changed my url from “redaljg” to “blurrybook”. I also have a new header with the new name! What do you think of these changes?

I have a question for you, my dear followers.

Lately I’ve been making poems in my native language, – portuguese – would you like me to translate them for you? I thought you might enjoy it! Leave a comment with what you think!

See ya soon!

Time Storm

Through a storm made by peace

I’m waiting.

Don’t know how long it’ll be until I’m at ease.

Once again we are fading.

Will we find each other in the rain?

Or will it only bring more pain?

Once upon a time I thought we were made to rhyme.

But now I just think we’re out of time.


I don’t want this.

I want us to find bliss together

and make it last forever.

And Down and Down

I enter December smiling but alone.

Fearing my old new habits

and who I’ve become.

I’m doing great,

looking down and down,

and down  I don’t go anymore.

I no longer rhyme,

because you liked that

and you’re not mine

no longer. No longer you’re mine.

But I wish you were

so I could be warm tonight.