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At War

If I walk slowly around the flames

I won’t get burned. But every time

I try to bypass them, a land mine

blasts me into pieces so little,

I’m not sure if it was me being blown up.


If I stay where I am,

The wind will pull the fire closer.

I’ll be a pitched black corpse, but tell me,

Am I not one already?

Walking dumb and shadowy,

Fading away as I do my daily routine,

Going to bed invisible and grim.



And Down and Down

I enter December smiling but alone.

Fearing my old new habits

and who I’ve become.

I’m doing great,

looking down and down,

and down  I don’t go anymore.

I no longer rhyme,

because you liked that

and you’re not mine

no longer. No longer you’re mine.

But I wish you were

so I could be warm tonight.


Nightmares (Part II)

You lure me into these dreams, I know.

I crawl, I fight, I wake up trembling.

The desperation is still there.

I reminisce the quiet sleep I once had,

but now you’re around.

Once you resided in me,

but now you rest beside me,

trying to possess me,


I deny your presence,

as you walk around me,

controlling what I fear.

I feel your presence,

when I dream,

controlling how I feel.

I feel you inside me,

making me lifeless,


The first Nightmares poem is here.

Tell Me Rain

Tell me rain,

Are you here to punish me?

Or are you here to wash away

The sins I’ve committed?

            Were you sent from below?

Were you sent from above?

            Have I been stricken by lightning

That paralyzed my brain?

            You are striking hard now,

Is that the answer I get?

            You don’t belong in May.